A lot of people have heard of such a" miracle tool ". Why is it called that

Today I want to tell you about what miracle tool paraffin is. As a product of paraffin, you can get a lot of useful things, including anti-theft protection, as well as lubrication, which is essential in cars. But there is also a downside, which is quite banal. Why is it important to use paraffin in the car? There are several reasons why the lubrication of the hub bearing and wheels of the engine should be protected with special additives. These additives are produced in the form of foam, and they are applied to the surface of the hub by the manufacturer. Thus, they are intended for the protection of the product from drying out. The use of paraffin in tires is not very profitable From the point of sale, you need to pay attention to the fact that the product is an oil of paraffin, and not the usual oil of the lubricating system. If there is no good protection, then the product can spread a layer, and over time, the hubs will start to wear out. But what if it is a weekend and the car is parked overnight in front of the ocean? Then take it with a generous dose of paraffin, and enjoy the advantages of a mild lubrication. If you are going to use it for non-engine repairs, then make sure that the hub bearing is in order, and if you notice any gaps, then the bearings will come to the rescue. When replacing bearings, do not forget to also pay attention to the condition of the hub bearing. If the bearing is normal, then the speed of its wear should be checked by a professional mechanic. However, many people do not want to wait for a car mechanic, and they take matters into their own hands. Today I will tell how to make a special oil for the hub bearing . What is the advantage of such a tool? For sellers of used cars, it is better to provide a safe and high-quality lubrication than a dry-as-dust one. Dry lubrication, in turn, is a more stable product, it does not leave traces on the body and does not allow the elastic bands to move. They are making a mistake It is not clear to whom the manufacturer of this product is related, but if you do not have a question mark - please advise . If you are not familiar- write to . The main problem of the hub bearing is its wear , which is accompanied by a change in the hub bearing , and not with a knocking, as in the case with standard spare parts. When replacing bearings or shock struts, it is desirable to do this, but it is not necessary at all – these are complex replacements that take time, and if the car is up to 2009 in. It is also not clear whether the company that produces this product is related to the company that produces the same type of oil for passenger and cargo vehicles. If so, then it is safe to assume that the oil will be of very high quality and the replacement quite simple. I think my information will be useful to you.